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Funny face stress ball for Aidden to squeeze and ease some anxiety

Posted Feb 6, 2024
Lately, Aidden has been feeling a lot of anxiety. He thinks a stress ball would help him work through his feelings. He found this fun stress ball that looks like a human face, looking even sillier when you squeeze it. Aidden thinks this stress ball would not only ease his anxiety as he squeezes it, but it would make him laugh to look at the facial expressions. And, when Aidden laughs, his anxiety goes down as well. Aidden will benefit so much from this wacky little stress ball!

Aidden is 11 years old and lives in WA

Aidden is a fun loving young man who enjoys building with Legos, reading, riding his bike, fishing and listening to music. He can often be found reading Harry Potter or watching Star Wars.

The Wish Story

Department of Children Youth and Families requests this wish for Aidden.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Aidden! Thanks Awesome Human.

"A silly stress ball is such a great idea to help with your anxiety--great thinking, Aidden! I hope it's helpful. You can get through anything, especially anxiety! Cheering you on, bud. "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Department of Children Youth and Families for Aidden.

Department of Children Youth and Families receives the wish!

Aidden receives the gift from Department of Children Youth and Families!

"Thank you, Awesome Human, for granting Aidden's wish. This stress ball makes him laugh when he squeezes it so it helps ease his anxiety."

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