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A scale for Cierra who has been working hard to get in shape

Posted Feb 6, 2024
Cierra has made health a priority for herself and her loved ones this year. She is interested in getting a scale that can help her track her progress and feel proud of her achievements. This particular scale can track data and document her health journey, which she is excited about.

Cierra is 25 years old and lives in OH

Cierra is an incredible young woman who has faced many challenges in her life so far. She spent most of her life in foster care, but recently, she learned that her cousins were entering care as well. Cierra made the decision to welcome them into her home to prevent them from experiencing some of the same difficulties she had when she was younger. Although it's a new challenge for her, she is determined to be a good parent to these kids while they stay in her home. Cierra is a hard worker and has a strong desire to learn how to care for her cousins and provide them with a safe and loving environment.

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"You are amazing and I wish you the best!"

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