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Math tutoring for Oniaya to be ready to move on to middle school

Posted Feb 7, 2024
Oniaya struggles with the fundamentals of math, and she is significantly behind her peers academically. Her aunt makes an effort to practice math skills with Oniaya and uses flashcards and math games to help. Oniaya has been retained twice and can no longer be held back. She will have to move forward to middle school next school year, and there are concerns that she will be overwhelmed by the advanced curriculum if she doesn't receive significant assistance at this time. Oniaya really wants to be successful and would like to receive tutoring to help prepare her for middle school next year. Granting this wish will help support Oniaya through her struggles and help prepare her before the school year ends.

Oniaya is 12 years old and lives in FL

Oniaya is outgoing and fun-loving. She is well-liked and enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. She loves all things "girly" and enjoys playing with make-up, dressing up, and doing facials. Oniaya currently lives with her aunt, her older sister, and other extended family members. She keeps her family on their toes, and she has a sweet way of lighting up a room with her charming demeanor.

The Wish Story

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Oniaya receives the gift from Directions for Living!

"Oniaya was so grateful to have her wish granted. This will help build her confidence in math and help her succeed in school for years to come. Thanks for granting Oniaya's wish, it meant so much to her! "

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