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About This Wish

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Transforming fidget spinners for Adrian who gets antsy when he travels

Posted Feb 8, 2024
Adrian likes going on visits to see his sibling. However, he has to ride in the car and tends to get a bit restless while traveling. To make his journey more enjoyable, he likes to have an activity that will keep his mind occupied. Adrian recently came across these transformable fidget spinners that he can carry with him while traveling. He loves the idea of being able to create various things with them to take his mind off of traveling. He will be so excited if someone grants him this wish!

Adrian is 14 years old and lives in WA

Adrian is amazing with Legos and loves to build all sorts of things. When Adrian is not building, he enjoys reading and getting lost in a good book. Adrian is a big fan of Pokémon and enjoys catching them all. Sometimes Adrian also likes to play video games and engage in some friendly competition. Adrian is quite athletic and loves playing sports. Finally, Adrian loves spending time with adorable animals and finds their company to be very comforting.

The Wish Story

Department of Children Youth and Families requests this wish for Adrian.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Kayt grants the wish for Adrian! Thanks Kayt.

"I had no idea transforming fidget spinners were a thing. They look really awesome! Hope they do the trick and make car rides a bit less tedious! "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Department of Children Youth and Families for Adrian.

Department of Children Youth and Families receives the wish!

Adrian receives the gift from Department of Children Youth and Families!

"Thank you, Kayt, for granting Aidrian's wish. Travel now is not going to be so boring. "

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