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Birthday fun for Chelsea's son at Chuck E Cheese

Posted Mar 1, 2024
Chelsea is really hoping to get a Chuck E Cheese gift card so she can celebrate her son's birthday with him and two other children. Her son is such an awesome kid! He's smart, fun, and doing really well in school. Chelsea wants to give him something special to reward him for all his hard work, and this is something he's been asking for a lot lately. Unfortunately, Chelsea is facing some financial hardship right now, and she's not able to make it happen on her own. Granting this wish would make her son's birthday unforgettable!

Chelsea is 30 years old and lives in OH

Chelsea is a very nice person who loves her children! She is a single mom of 3 who does what she can to meet their every need. Recently, she lost the support she once had from her mom and is forced to depend on herself alone to meet her children’s needs. In 2020, Chelsea had a life-changing experience and had been granted custody of her 2-year-old niece. She instantly went from being a single mother of 2 to a single mother of 3. Her niece, whom she was granted custody of, experienced extreme trauma right before she began living with Chelsea, and it has created a great deal of anxiety for her family.

The Wish Story

Kindred Spirit Behavioral health requests this wish for Chelsea.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

*OSW Towards A Wish grants the wish for Chelsea! Thanks *OSW Towards A Wish.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Kindred Spirit Behavioral health for Chelsea.

Chelsea receives the gift from Kindred Spirit Behavioral health !

"Chelsea was elated to find she receive this wish. She said she doesn’t know why but when her son’s birthday comes, she is always struggling with money to do something nice for him. She wanted me to tell you that this is the nicest thing he has ever had for his birthday. She said thank you very very much. She is so grateful! I am also! Thanks sooooo much!"

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