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A laptop for Veronica who wants to play games and stay connected to family

Posted Mar 13, 2024
Veronica loves to explore the world and stay in touch with her loved ones. Veronica is a big fan of Roblox and it's her favorite pastime. Whenever she plays Roblox, she gets to create her own world, make new friends, and stay connected with her school peers. Isn't that amazing? Veronica would really appreciate having her own personal laptop to play Roblox and escape her daily challenges. If she has her own laptop, she won't have to borrow someone else's, which will be a big relief for her. Moreover, having her own laptop will also allow her to stay connected with the outside world.

Veronica is 15 years old and lives in CA

Veronica is an amazingly mature and calm foster teenager who takes what life throws at her and rolls with it. She has been in care for years, never complains and is very focused on the future. Veronica is looking forward to going to college and is keenly aware of world events.