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A great smart TV for Ruben to relax while at home

Posted Mar 14, 2024
Ruben is currently unemployed after being let go from her seasonal job. She has been actively looking for new employment on a weekly basis but has not had any success yet. Ruben is managing her expenses with limited funds, only enough to cover her interview clothes and food. Unfortunately, she does not own a TV and would love to have one to help her relax during this stressful time. Providing Ruben with a TV would be a great help to her in finding some peace away from the constant worry and stress of finding a new job.

Ruben is 18 years old and lives in CA

Ruben prefers the pronouns She/her/They. Ruben lives happily in the LGBTQIA community for support. Ruben says she loves having their apartment. However, she struggles to find employment. Ruben is a foster youth in our independent program. Ruben was living in her car before entering our program. Ruben stays motivated by attending college classes online. Ruben chooses to build a relationship with their remaining 2 siblings currently in foster care. Ruben invites them over to play video, games, visit the community swimming pool, watch movies, and to cook meals for them. Currently in the unit, there is only a microwave for Ruben to utilize. Ruben would love to be able to cook for her younger siblings!