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Spring shopping for Kyon who has grown out of his clothing

Posted Apr 1, 2024
Kyon is a growing little boy. He has outgrown most of his clothing. He is in need of some spring clothing. Kyon likes to try and dress himself. Granting this wish with a gift card would allow Kyon to go to the store and assist in picking out the items he needs. Kyon needs a spring jacket, some tee shirts, pants, shirts, and a pair of shoes, as he hates to keep shoes and socks on his feet. This wish will help Kyon get some clothes that will fit.

Kyon is 1 year old and lives in OH

Kyon is a bright young boy who has lived with his grandparents for the first part of his life. Kyon's mother is very young and decided that it is best to place him with other family members to adopt. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and play in the dog's water bowl.

The Wish Story

Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health requests this wish for Kyon.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Mehmet grants the wish for Kyon! Thanks Mehmet.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health for Kyon.

Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health receives the wish!

Kyon receives the gift from Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health !

"Mehmet Thank you for your kindness and generosity "

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