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Laptop for Rachel to be successful in college

Posted Apr 25, 2024
Rachel is graduating from high school this spring! In the fall, she'll be starting her college classes online, which is going to be a whole new experience for her. As you can imagine, high school was already quite challenging for her without a laptop, and college is going to be even tougher. So, she's thinking of getting a new laptop to help her finish college and achieve all of her goals. Granting her a laptop will help her be much more successful and reach her goals!

Rachel is 18 years old and lives in MN

Rachel is currently in extended foster care. She is a very smart and resilient young woman. She has been through a lot in her life, but she still works hard at doing everything right for her future. She has big goals for herself and has set plans to accomplish them.

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"Congratulations on graduating high school! You are doing great! I have young sisters so I am going to tell you the same thing I tell them. It's ok to make mistakes, you won't always make the perfect choice. That's ok. What matters is that you keep trying to make the right choices for you and forgive yourself for your mistakes. There is more than one way to achieve success. Living a positive life is a success. I'm a stranger but I care and wish you well! You've got this!"

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