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Stroller for Sophia as she is growing and developing

Posted May 2, 2024
As Sophia continues to grow and develop, she is beginning to explore her surroundings. As Sophia and her biological mother transition out of foster care, she needs a way to ensure her safety as she continues to grow and develop. Sophia will utilize this stroller when being transported. Sophia additionally is being evaluated to make sure she will be able to walk properly. This stroller will be used as she struggles with walking and will be utilized to prevent her from straining when walking and utilizing PT and OT services.

Sophia is 7 months old and lives in OH

Sophia was born to a teenage mother who came into care and was placed in the same foster home as her biological mother. Sophia has grown so much since being in care, and continues to meet her developmental milestones. She loves interacting with the individuals in the foster home and interacting with her biological mother.