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A gas card for Juanita to help her get to school and work

Posted Apr 30, 2024
Juanita is getting ready to go back to college after taking some time off to have a baby and spend quality time with her child. She is looking forward to continuing her education journey and eventually returning to work. However, Juanita is in need of financial support to pay for her transportation. She and her partner share one car, but they need assistance with buying gas. This will help Juanita get to school and work without any transportation issues. This request has been split into two wishes. This is wish 1 of 2.

Juanita is 29 years old and lives in CA

Juanita is a hard-working young lady who works and goes to school. She recently decided to return to school to continue her AJ major and has big dreams ahead of her. Juanita wants to become a Sheriff once she is all done with school. She always makes sure she gets things done and taken care of. While working, Juanita is currently enrolled at San Jose City College and enjoys connecting with her academic counselor, who she trusts.

The Wish Story

Pivotal requests this wish for Juanita.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Juanita! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Good luck with school, work and your new baby, Juanita!!!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Pivotal for Juanita.

Pivotal receives the wish!

Juanita receives the gift from Pivotal!

"Big thanks from Juanita, she really appreciates your support!"

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