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Gender reveal shirt for Jamond to wear to party

Posted May 20, 2024
Jamond recently got some news that his x girlfriend is expecting a baby in December. Jamond has mixed emotions about this news. He wants to be a part of this process but is limited on what he can do. The family is not fond of Jamond. Jamond is asking for some help. Jamond would like to wear a theme related gender to to the reveal party. Granting this wish will allow him to do so.

Jamond is 20 years old and lives in OH

Jamond is a hard-working young man. He grew up in the home of a good friend of his birth mother. He had some struggles as a teen, including some time in a rehabilitation center and some real struggles with depression. Since all of this, he found a job and moved into his own place. Jamond has several siblings by his natural father that, as an adult, he is getting to know. Sadly, his sister, whom he was closest with, lost a battle with cancer. This was very hard on Jamond. He enjoys playing video games with his friends in his free time. Jamond enjoys outdoor activities, and in the winter, he will go out and shovel the snow for his neighbors and refuses to take payment for his work. Jamond will help anyone he can and truly has a heart of gold. Jamond also has goals for himself and would like to continue trying to get his GED.

The Wish Story

Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health requests this wish for Jamond.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Judy grants the wish for Jamond! Thanks Judy.

"Hope you have an amazing summer !"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health for Jamond.

Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health receives the wish!

Jamond receives the gift from Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health !

"Thank you "

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