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A self-cleaning litter box for Tashenea to keep her home environment clean

Posted May 28, 2024
Tashenea is a big lover of cats. She's always known that when she grew up, she would have a kitten of her very own. Now that she is a cat mom, she wants to give her cat the very best life while ensuring her home is always clean and comfortable. She has wanted a self-cleaning litter box for quite some time because she knows that it will help her keep her living space free of unpleasant odors, but she hasn't been able to save up enough to purchase one. Tashenea would really love a self-cleaning litter box to keep her home smelling fresh, feeling clean, and relieve the stress of frequent manual cleanings of the litter box.

Tashenea is 24 years old and lives in CA

Tashenea is very passionate about empowering underserved communities - especially foster youth. As a first-generation college student and former foster youth, she has experienced many of challenges and triumphs. She is one of the most resilient and empathetic people out there. Now, she works as a community outreach coordinator and strives to bridge the gaps for foster youth through providing resources and support. Tashenea is fueled by her passion to empower and uplift her communities.