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An ice maker add-on for Trey so he has cool refreshing drinks on hot summer days

Posted Jun 11, 2024
Trey has difficulty with consuming solid foods and relies on nutrients through a feeding tube for his nutrition. Despite this challenge, Trey finds joy in drinking water from his favorite insulated football cup. However, the refrigerator at his home lacks an ice maker, making it inconvenient for him to enjoy chilled water regularly, especially during his activities at PPEC, school, and while supporting his siblings at outdoor sports games during the summer. A Home Depot gift card to purchase an add-on ice maker for the refrigerator would be extremely helpful This addition would enhance Trey's hydration experience and ensure he stays refreshed during his daily routines and outings.

Trey is 16 years old and lives in FL

Trey is the definition of a resilient adolescent. Despite being wheelchair-bound his entire life he maintains a positive attitude. He is a jokester who loves to make others laugh. When Trey gets sick, his compromised immune system struggles, often leading to hospital admissions. One incident led to him falling into a coma, after which he was placed in a nursing facility until he could regain his speech. Fast forward a few months, and Trey is now ready to return home to his family.

The Wish Story

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County requests this wish for Trey.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

*OSW Towards A Wish grants the wish for Trey! Thanks *OSW Towards A Wish.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County for Trey.

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County receives the wish!

Trey receives the gift from Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County!

"Dear Wish Granter, This wish has been life-changing for Trey and his family. He has been able to attend his siblings' sporting events and bring his cold ice water in his favorite water bottle. This has helped him stay cool this summer and has really brightened his mood, as drinking water is one of his favorite things to do. Thank you so much for your generosity!"

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