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About This Wish

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Swivel bar stools for Daisy who has finally moved into her own space

Posted Jun 7, 2024
Daisy is a bright young woman who has worked extremely hard to obtain her first apartment. Because she was unhoused before getting this apartment, most of her savings were put towards the down payment and related costs to secure it. She would love a set of bar tools so she can make her apartment feel like a home. Granting this wish would mean the world to Daisy, as she's finally able to have her own room, bed, and space.

Daisy is 19 years old and lives in UT

Daisy recently aged out of the foster care system and has experienced homelessness. Over the years, she moved through multiple foster homes and group homes, facing a constant lack of stability and enduring the emotional strain of not having a permanent, supportive family. She has had to fend for herself, often without the necessary resources or guidance. She is working towards a more stable and hopeful future, overcoming the challenges of her past and creating a brighter path ahead.