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Assistance with storage payment for Angelina so she does not lose her belongings

Posted Jul 1, 2024
Angelina has numerous needs, but her most pressing requirement is assistance with her past due storage fees. While she has made some payments, they have not been sufficient to keep her personal items secure. The storage company will sell her belongings if she is unable to pay. Although her personal items may not be everything, they hold sentimental value and are important to her, especially as she has already experienced loss. Granting this wish would be greatly appreciated.

Angelina is 29 years old and lives in CA

Angelina entered foster care at the age of 5 and aged out at 18. Along the way, she has encountered numerous challenges, including experiencing domestic violence from a partner. Despite these hardships, she remains a diligent worker, currently residing in a shelter and working full-time in an effort to rebuild her life. Every day, she grapples with significant emotional trauma and fights to establish a fresh start for herself.

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