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A phone bill payment for Damianne to stay on top of being a mom

Posted Jun 12, 2024
Damianne has been going through hardships and trying times regularly for quite some time. After aging out of foster care and becoming a young mother, she has been doing everything she can to make it through with her kids. She never wants her kids to experience the same things she did through foster care and as a child. Sadly, she has been left without anyone to help her as a mother or young person. She feels regularly defeated and knows her kids are picking up on this. Recently, Damianne lost her job after giving birth to her youngest baby. She's been on the job ever since, but it has been an unnerving battle between landing a secure job, making her ongoing bills, and caring for her children without help. Damianne's phone bill has started to add up as she continues to search for employment; with a newborn baby and her other children, she knows that having phone service is critical to their health and well-being and for her to land a job. Damianne urgently needs her phone bill covered to make it through.

Damianne is 25 years old and lives in MN

Damianne has such a big and beautiful heart and soul. While her experiences in foster care were not tremendous and challenged her in many ways, she has never stopped caring about and loving those around her. Now, she is a young mother to a few little ones and has given her all to provide them with everything she can. Lately, she's been struggling and feeling at an actual low. She regularly faces challenges that make her feel defeated and worried about what is to come. She knows she could be a great mother if she were just given the support.

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