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About This Wish

$ 224

A new long board for Brandy who wants to learn a new hobby and have a way to get to work and school

Posted Feb, 7, 2017
This wish is being requested because Brandy would like to be outdoors more and become more self sufficient getting to appointments and school. She is also becoming more flexible in times of stress. This gift would impact the child if granted by giving her a new hobby to learn and a great way to get to work and school. Brandy would be ecstatic if this wish was granted because has been wishing for a long board for a long time now.

Learn More About Brandy

Brandy is 0 month old and lives in Salem, OR

Brandy has been in foster care for over 3 years, and she has two siblings. She is is very helpful and fun to be around. She works hard in school and she takes directions well. She is a very positive person who enjoys making other people laugh. She states that she enjoys eating good food, and having coffee. Brandy likes to listen to music and go on walks. She would also like to become a photographer one day.

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