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Disney Three Day Park Hopper Pass for 12 y/o Kim who doesnt have many childhood memories

Posted Feb, 27, 2017
Kim's current foster parent is taking her on a surprise trip to Disney for Spring Break in April and needs financial help with park admission. She has never been to Disney and imagines that if she ever gets to go it will be when she is a mother herself. This will be a really great opportunity for Kim to regain a few days of her childhood by making magical memories.
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Avaliable for Adoption

Kim is 12 years old and lives in Newark, NJ

Kim entered the foster care system in October 2014. Subsequently, parental rights of both parents were terminated in June 2016 as neither parent demonstrated the ability to appropriately care for her. She is in her 6th placement. The current foster home is stable and loving but unable to adopt. She is awaiting placement in an adoptive home. Kim is in the 6th grade in a Newark public school. She is a good reader but is struggling to keep up in math. She loves playing with dolls, going to the movies, and roller skating with friends.

The Wish Story

Feb, 27, 2017

CASA of Essex County - Newark, NJ requests this wish for Kim.

Feb, 27, 2017

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

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