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$ 14

A Gift Card to pick up personal care products for a teen in foster care

Posted Feb, 27, 2017
Navigating foster care can be especially difficult for teens who just want to be "normal" kids. We try to always have gift cards on hand to give to kids entering foster care and those navigating through so that they always have a way to purchase their own personal care products. This really helps them get a sense of dignity and autonomy at a confusing and difficult time.

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Foster Child in NJ is 0 month old and lives in Trenton, NJ

Foster kids are kids, period. And they just want to have the same freedom and joy as their peers. Each year thousands of kids enter foster care in NJ, separated from their friends, families, neighborhoods and most of what is familiar to them. It can be difficult, but One Simple Wish strives to make the transition a little easier so kids can enjoy childhood and make happy memories!

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