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$ 75
This wish is special because it was chosen by a child who decided this wish will bring them the most joy! The cost of the wish includes the item, 2.9% credit card fee, sales tax and shipping charges (when applicable). Questions?

New Kindle for 12 y/o Lacey who has Autism

Posted Feb, 28, 2017
Lacey would love to have a new Kindle. With her Autism, this is the 'magical' coping skill that helps her the best when she is feeling scared, lonely, sad, or upset. This item makes her feel 'normal' and helps her forget about her worries.

Learn More About Lacey

Lacey is 13 years old and lives in Cleveland, OH

Lacey has recently been separated from her siblings. She is in a new home, and is trying her best to adjust. She has several diagnoses, including autism. She is doing well, given everything she has gone through, and how hard change is for her.

The Wish Story

Feb, 27, 2017

The Bair Foundation-Kent, OH requests this wish for Lacey.

Feb, 28, 2017

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Apr, 26, 2017

Jung grants the wish for Lacey! Thanks Jung.

Hi Lacey, I'm glad you enjoy reading. Hope you have a great day!

Apr, 28, 2017

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the The Bair Foundation - Kent, OH for Lacey.

May, 3, 2017

Amber sent an update on the wish for Lacey.

Jung; Thank you so much for granting this little girl's wish! Your selflessness and willingness to do so is truly a blessing ! You have just made a child's day, month, and most likely year!

May, 3, 2017

The The Bair Foundation - Kent, OH receives the wish!

Oct, 16, 2017

Lacey receives the gift from her case worker!

In case we haven't said it enough...thank you for supporting One Simple Wish and our amazing kids!

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