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$ 300

Laptop for Julia, a new mom who is seeking employment

Posted Mar, 10, 2017
Julia would greatly benefit from having a laptop. She is in the process of job-searching and attempting to continue her education. Julia finds it difficult to focus at the library while striving to entertain her son. With a laptop, she could be productive from home since she does not have access to a vehicle. This would be tremendously helpful for Julia during her transition into the workforce.
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Learn More About Julia

Julia is 20 years old and lives in Edgewater Park, NJ

Julia is the new mother of a healthy baby boy. She has a great sense of humor and has overcome many challenges with her family and within the foster care system. Julia and her son recently transitioned into independent living so she is currently aspiring to find gainful employment. She has a passion for children and health-care and aspires to find a job where she can serve and support others in need.

The Wish Story

Mar, 6, 2017

Family Services - Medford, NJ requests this wish for Julia.

Mar, 10, 2017

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Apr, 10, 2017

Gretchen M. grants the wish for Julia! Thanks Gretchen M..

Apr, 10, 2017

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Family Services - Medford, NJ for Julia.

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