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A Jazz piano wall chart for Brannon that loves learning about music!

Posted May 8, 2017
Brannon wishes for a jazz piano wall chart because he is really into music and wants to learn more. He feels this chart will help him while practicing music.

Brannon is 22 years old and lives in NC

Brannon is enthusiastic and serious about music and drama. He loves almost everything about the arts and is taking art classes in college. He also likes to make videos and is learning to be technologically savvy. Brannon is a hard worker and making good grades is important to him. 

The Wish Story

Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC requests this wish for Brannon.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

A. Kay grants the wish for Brannon! Thanks A. Kay.

"Brannon, I hope that music brings as much happiness into your life as it does to mine. Good luck as you learn more about music and as you prepare for college. "

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC for Brannon.

The Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC receives the wish!

Tonya sent an update on the wish for Brannon.

"Thanks so much for granting Brannon's wish for a piano chart. He has a real interest in music and is learning a lot. He hopes to learn so much more. He was very thankful to get the chart and has plans to hang it in his room. Thank you so much!"

One Simple Joy sent an update on the wish for Brannon.

"Brannon's thank you has come in and will be mailed out soon! "I am enjoying the Jazz Piano chart that you sent very much! I hope one day to become a famous Jazz Pianist like Fats Wller or Earl Hines, and this chart is helping that dream become a reality! Thanks, Brannon""

Brannon receives the gift from her case worker!

"In case we haven't said it enough...thank you for supporting One Simple Wish and our amazing kids!"

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