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$ 500

A Canon EOS Rebel T6 for Kayla who loves taking pictures!

Posted Jun, 22, 2017
Kayla would love to take pictures, but does not have a camera of her own. Kayla is the type of child that doesn't ask for much and likes to work for the things that she earns. She has had a very traumatic life but doesn't want others to feel sorry for her because she feels that there may be someone out there who has gone through far worse.

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Kayla is 15 years old and lives in Jasper, IN

Kayla is a teenager with a heart of gold and is extremely mature. Her number one goal in life is to be the opposite of her parents, and she accepts the reality that she may not be reunited with them. She wants to go to USI to become a teacher or take up photography. Her hobbies include helping others and taking photos.

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