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A playhouse for Sasha who is moving to her pre-adoptive home soon.

Posted Jul, 13, 2017
Sasha is very excited to be moving to a new forever home in the coming weeks. She and her sisters love to play outside, but their new home doesn't yet have any outdoor toys. Sasha would have such a great time playing with her sisters in a new playhouse. This playhouse has a place to plant flowers and she could begin to learn responsibility in caring for them and watching them grow. in it with her two sisters. With this particular playhouse, she'll have a special place to plant flowers and can begin to learn responsibility in taking care of them. This will also give Sasha an opportunity to work together with her sisters and neighborhood friends to be creative.

Learn More About Sasha

Sasha is 3 years old and lives in Greensburg, IN

Sasha has two sisters and loves to play outside with them. She is always full of smiles and loves to talk and cuddle with the people who are in her life. Sasha has been involved in DCS since she was 21 months old, and was removed from her parents at that time. Since this removal she has been in 5 different homes. She is in the process of transitioning to a pre-adoptive home. She recently had her good-bye visit with her mother and father and will no longer be in contact with them due to termination of parental rights.

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