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A laptop for Kayla to stay connected with family who live on West Coast

Posted Jul, 13, 2017
Kayla is a vibrant and bright 16 year old. She struggled with school work but has done a 180 and has begun to pick her grades. In addition to using the computer for school work, she also uses Skype to communicate with her biological father that lives in the West Coast and would love to do that more regularly!
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Kayla is 16 years old and lives in Jersey City, NJ, NJ

Kayla is currently in placement with her grandmother. Kayla is in placement along with her two siblings. Kayla has seen her mother battle with substance abuse and this is what led to her placement. Kayla is one of five children and all of her siblings are in foster care. Kayla is a very bright young girl. She has been in several placements that were not successful and unfortunately led to poor choices. Once she was placed with her grandmother, she has blossomed. Her grades have picked up and she helps around the house and bonds more with her siblings. She has expressed an interest in helping other people. She has recently reconnected with her biological father who lives in Washington State. She is trying to rebuild a relationship with him via Facebook and hopes to visit him one day.

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