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Weight Watchers Program for D'Myir who is ready to get healthy again

Posted Aug 7, 2018
D’Myir is battling with his weight. He has been trying to overcome a lot of emotional trauma, and his vice was food, causing him to gain over 50 pounds in a year. D’Myir has made the decision to change his lifestyle and has found something that he thinks will work for him. He would love to be able to join the local Weight Watchers Program to improve his diet and exercise lifestyle choices. He likes the idea of Weight Watchers, keeping track of points, and adhering to a prescribed meal plan but not limited on choices. D’Myir is determined to change his lifestyle to better himself in all aspects of life, and the Weight Watchers Program will help him overcome his first hurdle. #1 of 3

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D'Myir is 14 years old and lives in Flemington, NJ

D'Myir really enjoys when dogs come to visit the group home. He interacts great with them and treats them with such kindness. He has received straight A's in all of his academic classes. D'Myir is very interested in learning, he is always asking questions so he can better understand the topic of conversation and engage in conversation.

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