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An Alarm clock for Alexis who is having a hard time adjusting to new school hours

Posted Nov 7, 2018
Alexis has recently changed schools and is now having a different start time every day. This has caused her to either miss her morning classes or arrive on a day too early for class. She is also struggling having to get up on her own in the morning to be able to catch the right bus and would greatly benefit from a working alarm clock instead of depending on a phone that dies when off a charger.

Alexis is 23 years old and lives in OR

Alexis is a strong young woman who is working hard to fill the gaps in her education and move towards graduating. She passed all her classes last semester and is on track to pass all her classes this semester. Alexis has been in and out of care throughout her childhood but her current foster home has been a really positive experience and she has been able to develop her social skills as well as work through her social anxiety. With her foster sisters she has created relationships that are more than surface level. She also has built a strong trusting relationship with her foster parent which has really helped her confidence and lessened her anxiety.

The Wish Story

Catholic Community Services requests this wish for Alexis.

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Amy grants the wish for Alexis! Thanks Amy.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Catholic Community Services for Alexis.

Alexis receives the wish from Catholic Community Services

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