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A walking toy that will help promote Orniyah's motor development

Posted Nov 10, 2018
Orniyah needs a little extra support with her motor skills, so this year her aunt is hoping to get some items that she can use at home that will be fun but therapeutic. This awesome walking wheels toy is pretty great, and will hopefully bring a lot of hours of fun.

Orniyah is 5 years old and lives in Cincinnati, OH

Orniyah was removed from her parents due to continued abuse and neglect concerns stemming from mom's cognitive delays and mental health issues. She is now with an aunt who is working on developing a bond and supporting Orniyah's emotional and behavioral needs. Luckily, Orniyah is still with her younger sister which has helped with the transition.

The Wish Story

Therapeutic Interagency Program requests this wish for Orniyah.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Kasey grants the wish for Orniyah! Thanks Kasey.

"Orniyah, I am a first grade teacher, and I have used this toy with some of my students. You are going to love it! Remember, if you work hard and be kind, you can do ANYTHING you want to do!"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Therapeutic Interagency Program for Orniyah.

Therapeutic Interagency Program receives the wish!

Orniyah receives the gift from Therapeutic Interagency Program !

"This is a perfect toy for Orniyah to open up this Christmas. thank you!!!"

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