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Tutoring for Amina who has a warm smile and bright eyes

Posted Dec 6, 2018
Amina loves going to school but is struggling to keep up with the other children because she missed so much school due to neglect by her mother. The school counselor recommended a tutor for Amina, and they feel that someone familiar with her will help her to be comfortable with the tutor and the tutoring will also boost her confidence. She has difficulty understanding what is being taught in class and often gets embarrassed because she doesn't know what the other children do.

Amina is 7 years old and lives in San Diego, CA

Amina is a soft spoken, but lovable little girl with bright eyes and a warm smile. She is a girly girl and loves the color pink and sparkly things. Because Amina spent so much of her early years living in a car and not going to school regularly, she is behind and could possibly have to repeat a grade if she doesn't catch up quickly. She is now in a placement with her aunt and her teacher feels that with some tutoring assistance, she would be able to at least get her to the point where she won't have to repeat her grade. Amina has truly touched the teacher's heart and she wants to do all she can to assist her. She has done what she can to help but really is pushing for a private tutor for Amina.

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Amina receives the gift from Voices for Children !

"Thank you so much for assisting Amina with tutoring expenses. She is working so well with the tutor and is making lots of progress. In fact, the tutor is quite surprised she is picking things up so quickly. She feels she will be able to get Amina up to grade level in no time. Thank you so much for this amazing gift for an incredible little girl...Amina's CASA. "

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