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A computer for Anthony who needs it for homework

Posted Dec 16, 2018
Anthony is a very outgoing young man. he is doing well in his first year of high school. He doesn't complain when he has to go tot the local recreational center to do homework because he also gets to participate in the activities. The only downfall is he has a lot of work it has to get done before the computer lab is closed and then it doesn't leave a lot of time to participate in the activities. He does his best to do both. The family shares one computer so everyone has to wait a turn or find other ways to get it done. He world be able to get homework done and participate in activities if he could always do his homework at home.

Anthony is 16 years old and lives in Newark, NJ

Anthony is a very outgoing. He loves doing what many teenagers do, which is playing video games. He loves to play along with his brother. His mother states that she likes when he can play the video games because at least she know he's home. He and his brother share everything. He is currently doing well in school and trying his best to stay on target. He is enjoying high school and hasn't decided on future plans as of yet. When he is not home with his family or at school, he is at the local recreational center participating in activities.

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"I hope you enjoy this gift!"

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Anthony receives the wish from Division of Child Protection and Permanency

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