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An Ipad for Elisa to help her get back on target

Posted Dec 20, 2018
Elisa is an amazing little girl. She needs a lot of help currently to get her back on track. The therapist recommended and iPad to assist her with learning and to get back on track. She does well when she has the therapist's tablet and she is easily engaged. Elisa could benefit from this device.

Elisa is 13 years old and lives in East Orange, NJ

Elisa is an amazing little girl. She was born very premature, and she has many delays. Unfortunately, she and her siblings were removed and placed in foster care. This move affected her the worse. She was in a school that was really helping her with her growth and development. Unfortunately, her placement was too far from that school, so she had to be moved. She has struggled with adjusting at the new school and has begun to regress. She had begun to speak before her removal but now she has chosen to be non-verbal. She has service providers that help in school and at home. Her new school doesn't have the added support that she currently needs, and she may need to be moved again. The therapist suggested a learning device that can have learning programs on it to help her to get back on track. She does trace letters on the tablet that the therapist has, and she can use her finger to right her name. Holding a pencil is difficult for her so finger learning is best for her. The home has a computer, but it is difficult for her because it’s not touch screen. The provider is doing her best to accommodate Elisa and get her back to where she was before being placed.

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