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Playdoh for a Foster Child in Ohio

Posted Dec 22, 2018
The kids at TIP have had a variety of significant traumas that have impacted them emotionally, behaviorally and developmentally. In their therapeutic services they are taught ways to manage intense feelings by stimulating other senses. Play doh is great for this, because they can distract themselves and re-focus by creating cool things with their hands, have a project that allows them to break eye contact from others for a bit and get out feelings of frustration. Play doh also is great to help kids who have delayed motor skills work their hands in fun ways. We like to teach kids how to use play doh as a fun therapeutic tool in while they are in our treatment services, and then send it home so that they can use it in other settings the same way.

Foster Child is 10 years old and lives in Cincinnati, OH

Foster kids are kids, period. And they just want to have the same freedom and joy as their peers. Each year thousands of kids enter foster care in Ohio, separated from their friends, families, neighborhoods and most of what is familiar to them. It can be difficult, but One Simple Wish strives to make the transition a little easier so kids can enjoy childhood and make happy memories!

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"Have fun and a very Merry Christmas!"

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Foster Child receives the gift from Therapeutic Interagency Program !

"Thank you! This will help a wonderful child in many ways!"

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