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Movie tickets for Morgan who loves watching movies

Posted Jan 12, 2019
Morgan's first time at the movie theater was only ac few months ago. Because she had had over 40 placements since she had been in foster care, she never had a chance to experience the movie theater. She has been in her current foster home for about four months, the longest she has ever been in a placement. The first mom took them during the Christmas break and she world love to go back with her friends.

Morgan is 15 years old and lives in Arlington, TX

Morgan has a great sense of humor. She enjoys listening to music and watching TV, as well as talking on the phone. She has not expressed what she desires to be but she desperately wants a family - to be loved, and to share love. She likes looking pretty as it helps her self-esteem. She loves being told that she is pretty. Morgan is a very intelligent young lady who deserves a chance in life.

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"Thank you for granting Morgan's wish. Her trip to see the upside this weekend was EPIC! Thanks!"

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