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Art supplies to help a child in foster care explore their creativity

Posted Feb 13, 2019
The kids at TIP participate in a lot of therapy, and most of it is done through play. Creating beautiful works of art feels good to a young child, and having a project to do with their hands allows them to share their sad and scary stories while not feeling the pressure of making eye contact or feeling too focused. Glitter glue is a perfect medium to make beautiful pictures that they can take home and share with their caregivers.

Foster Child is 10 years old and lives in Cincinnati, OH

Foster kids are kids, period. And they just want to have the same freedom and joy as their peers. Each year thousands of kids enter foster care in Ohio, separated from their friends, families, neighborhoods and most of what is familiar to them. It can be difficult, but One Simple Wish strives to make the transition a little easier so kids can enjoy childhood and make happy memories!

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An Awesome Human grants the wish for Foster Child! Thanks An Awesome Human.

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Therapeutic Interagency Program for Foster Child.

Foster Child receives the wish from Therapeutic Interagency Program

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