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The Trip of A Lifetime for Kaitlyn to learn all about American History

Posted Mar 18, 2019
Kaitlyn is hoping to participate in an East Coast trip with her 8th grade history class where they will tour the historic sights of DC, Boston, NYC, and Philadelphia. More than anything, this trip means normalcy for Kaitlyn. This trip also means learning about history, culture and life outside of TX. Kaitlyn has traveled very little due to being in foster care. This is a great opportunity to expand her world. This is also an opportunity to build new friendships and learn responsibility.

Kaitlyn is 14 years old and lives in Houston, TX

Kaitlyn has been in CPS care for over 6 years. She and her sister are in foster care due to neglect and abuse. Once in care they had 2 failed relative placements as well as 2 failed adoptive placements. She and her sister had different goals for their future and were then separated. However they remain close and visit often. While placed at a group home, Kaitlyn was able to do equine therapy and later was gifted ongoing riding lessons. Her lessons continued for a couple years and then her horse riding instructor’s family reached out to the Department in order to inquire about adopting Kaitlyn. She was eventually placed with them and they are becoming licensed so they can adopt. A couple years ago, when asked what kind of family she wanted or what she wanted for her future, Kailtyn would say that she just wanted to live in a horse barn. Well this is about as close as it gets! Kaitlyn is now able to spend a lot of time with the horses and riding. This is Kaitlyn’s passion. She loves animals of all kinds, but horses especially. Kaitlyn has learned how to jump and has started to participate in some competitions. On top of that, she has found her forever family. Her future is looking brighter and brighter! Kaitlyn is an A/B student and participates in school choir. Kaitlyn is only in 8th grade, but of course, she knows that she wants to work with animals in some capacity in her future.

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