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A Zoo Pass for Henry who loves learning about animals

Posted Jun 14, 2019
Henry's favorite hobby is learning about animals and pretending to be on a safari. He is fascinated with all animals and creatures, but especially loves wild animals-the larger the better. Henry is very sweet natured and loves to help his foster mother around the house. His teachers also report that he is kind and empathetic towards his peers and they love how passionate he is about learning. He gets very excited when new books about animals are introduced to the classroom. Henry has visited the Cincinnati Zoo once and he said it was the best day of his life. He would love to be able to visit more frequently.

Henry is 4 years old and lives in Cincinnati , OH

Henry is a loving, funny, and outgoing little guy that loves to dance, sing, and playing outside. When he visits our office, our entire team surrounds him because of his charm and sense of humor. Henry enjoys helping his foster mother with chores, cooking, and eating sweets. He enjoys preschool and his teachers love having him in their classroom.His favorite hobby is learning about animals and nature through books and exploring the outdoors. He loves to take his plastic toy animals outside with him and pretends to be on a safari. Henry has struggled with a lot of disappointment lately. This is his second time in foster care in his short life and his plan to go live with his grandma has recently and unexpectedly fell through. He still gets to visit his biological mother, but reunification with her is not likely and Henry will likely be placed in permanent custody . Visits with mom can be emotionally difficult for little Henry.

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"I love animals, too Have many fun times"

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