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Food and Drinks for Jennie's upcoming Wedding

Posted May 14, 2019
From Jennie: "June 8th can not come fast enough. My wedding means a lot to me. It's nothing fancy, but to Zachary and I it is everything. We want to show everyone how much we love and care for each other. 17 years is a long time and it just fits into our fairy tale. Our wedding is at the same school where we met in 2002 and our old lunch room is where we are having everything. For once in my life I just want to have one day where we celebrate me and my other half. I've done so much for others that I feel it's time I deserve one day. We have almost everything prepared for this special day but could use some help purchasing the remaining food and drinks that are needed. To have everything in place, and not have to worry about anything but walking down the aisle to marry my best friend would mean the world to me!"

Jennie is 29 years old and lives in Trenton, NJ

From Jennie: "My life goal is to just be the best I can be. I want to start a non profit organization eventually. I love animals and children. I love music of all kinds and I absolutely love to sing. I love fairy tales, which is what my wedding is. I have been in love with the same person since we were 12 yrs old. Going into foster care took us apart for years but we managed to tough it out through all the years and now 17 years later we are getting married. It has been a rough road, from going into foster care, to dropping out of high school, to taking classes in order to get custody of my younger brother. I worked 2 jobs at the time to provide for us. Now I am 29 with my own house, job, car, and a wonderful loving soon to be husband. I went back and got my GED and my CNA Certificate.

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"Jennie, I am so inspired by your story and so happy to send you a little help for your upcoming wedding. I too married my best friend. Next week will be our 36th anniversary. I wish you a wonderfully happy wedding day and lots and lots of happy times together. Know that I'll be thinking about you on June 8th! love, Jen"

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