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A little help to go a long way for Faith

Posted Apr 22, 2020
Faith has been working hard to turn her life around. She is currently homeless and staying with a friend to get through this difficult time in her life. Determined to improve her circumstances she is applying for employment and wants stability, including a place of her own. Despite these challenges, she is staying positive and realizes she needs help and has reached out for the support she knows she needs. Food and basic necessities would ease some of her current stressors during this time and would make the world of difference.

Faith is 20 years old and lives in Fredricksburg, VA

Faith is a strong woman who is learning how to live her life as she goes. She aged out of foster care when she was 18 years old and has struggled through each lesson she has come across. Every obstacle presented to her has not stopped her though. She is determined to turn her life around and become the person she is proud of.

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