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Science Activities to help Michaela learn and grow

Posted May 5, 2020
Michaela is placed in a foster home with two older children who are 11 and 12. Given the pandemic, she has not been able to attend daycare or interact with her peers in quite a while. She needs activities that she could do with her foster siblings to help build on her social skills as well as a way to form positive connections with her foster siblings.

Michaela is 4 years old and lives in Winthrop, MA

Michaela is a rambunctious, curious and helpful child. She enjoys playing with her drum set and will bop along to the music she plays. She also likes to help her foster mom put away groceries and “cook”. Michaela has developed a close bond with her foster mother and likes to sleep close enough to see her. While Michaela is young, her life has not been typical. She entered foster care due to her mother’s struggles with mental health along with substance use. Michaela has struggled with her development due to her early life experiences. This has impacted her communication, motor skills and social skills. Despite these challenges, Michaela is sweet, explorative and kind.

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Cambridge Family & Children's Service requests this wish for Michaela.

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Wendy grants the wish for Michaela! Thanks Wendy.

"Dear Michaela, I hope you have fun with these science activities. Sending you a big hug today. Sincerely, Wendy and Team Huggaroo"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Cambridge Family & Children's Service for Michaela.

Michaela receives the wish from Cambridge Family & Children's Service

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