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New Clothing for Daniel who wants to study the brain

Posted May 8, 2020
Daniel would love new clothes to wear. He has been wearing the same 7 shirts for years now. He dreads going out in public where he has been made fun of by people who don’t know him, several times because of his appearance. Daniel would love to spruce up his wardrobe by purchasing new shirts with some color, as his current ones are plain and worn.

Daniel is 30 years old and lives in Altadena, CA

Daniel’s educational goals are a result of his desire to help people who are considered brain-damaged. He hopes to contribute to discoveries in that field as significant as CRISPR and stem cell research have been. First he must complete his undergraduate degree in a field that will help him better understand the biological processes. Then he must go on to earn a Master’s Degree and Doctorate to be able to do the research he hopes to complete. Daniel plans to earn his Master’s at the University of California, San Diego.

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"Dear Daniel, I hope you love your new clothes. Sending you a big hug today. Sincerely, Wendy and Team Huggaroo"

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