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A XBox for Manny who wants to connect with his friends

Posted Jul 13, 2020
Manny has never had his own gaming system before. His foster brother has one and they play together sometimes, but they don't have the same taste in games. Manny would like to have a system with games that he likes - games he can use to connect with his old friends from school.

Manny is 18 years old and lives in IN

Manny had been caring for his three younger sisters when his mom overdosed. Thankfully, she survived, however the children were removed from her care. Unfortunately, he was separated from his sisters because they could not find a foster home at the time that could take all four. While he is doing well, he misses his sisters with all his heart and looks forward to the two times a month he gets to have a sibling visit with them. He tells us he wants to be a doctor - he says he knows it's a lofty goal, but he thinks he is smart enough to do it, and it would pay enough that he could take good care of his sisters.

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