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A Face Mask Pack for Lilly who loves spa night

Posted Jul 20, 2020
Lilly loves when the girls at the shelter do spa night and put on face masks or do their nails together. She cannot wait for the next one. She really loves clay masks and she wants to get this four pack so she can share with all the girls. She is so excited to bring something for spa night!

Lilly is 12 years old and lives in Kerrville, TX

Lilly is a beautiful little girl with the biggest, brightest eyes. She is very shy but wears her emotions on her sleeve. She has rightfully been very sad since being placed at the shelter but her brother is good at cheering her up. She also really likes playing with the other girls her age here because she says she didn't really have any friends back at home. She loves to listen to music and play with her little brother. She is excited for school this year because her brother is in her class and she says she cannot wait to start her yearbook group, where they work to put together the school's yearbook after school!

The Wish Story

K'STAR Inc. requests this wish for Lilly.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Christina grants the wish for Lilly! Thanks Christina.

"Lilly, I hope you enjoy your face masks! It so thoughtful of you to want to share with the other girls at spa night. You sound like a very special girl, and a great friend. :)"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the K'STAR Inc. for Lilly.

K'STAR Inc. receives the wish!

Lilly receives the gift from K'STAR Inc.!

"Thank you so much!"

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