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Nintendo Switch for Jacobe who misses his video games

Posted Jul 23, 2020
Jacobe has experienced many different placements throughout his time in foster care. Through these moves, many items become lost. Some of these are keepsakes that of course are irreplaceable. Some items, including a lost DS, is something that thankfully can be replaced! He was devastated to arrive at a new placement only to find that this item that he has truly enjoyed was lost in the move. It would mean the world to him, and he would feel seen and cared for if he were to be surprised with a new gaming console. He recently expressed really wanting to get a Nintendo Switch!

Jacobe is 18 years old and lives in CO

Jacobe is a smart, intuitive, and resilient young man who is currently living in a group home. Though foster care has been extremely tough on Jacobe, he continues to be open to new relationships and deeply cherishes the ones that have lasted. He is resilient, loves to connect on a deep level and enjoys quality time with those who truly care for him. Jacobe loves to sing and play piano! He's also quite the artist and especially loves pottery and painting. Jacobe is a bookworm! His favorite past time is getting lost in a book, any book! At his young age, this bright young man's favorite subjects to learn about in his spare time are psychology and coding!

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