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A Specialized Highchair for Daxter to help him developmentally

Posted Oct 15, 2020
Daxter has recently started to engaged in services, due to his high sensory seeking needs and lack of development physically and cognitively. These services were delayed due to his case specific issues which resulted in him falling further behind his peers, developmentally. The service provider suggested that a Keekaroo Chair may be a developmentally appropriate device that could help him catch up in his development and assist him in his sensory seeking behaviors, which would also help sustain his placement by supporting them to support Daxter.

Daxter is 2 years old and lives in Boulder, CO

Daxter is an incredibly amazing young child currently living in a foster home. While Daxter has had some delays in his development, cognitively and physically, he is starting to catch up to peers his own age. He enjoys being able to play games with his foster parents and engage in the same activities that their biological child is involved in. Daxter is high energy and likes to engage in any type of activity that helps him learn more about the world around him. Daxter is a high sensory seeking child.

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Boulder County Housing and Human Services requests this wish for Daxter.

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