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A Radio Flyer Wagon for Astin to enjoy the outdoors

Posted Oct 20, 2020
Astin is very young with a heart condition that does not allow her to do too much activity due to her heart getting agitated quicker than it should. Astin enjoys spending time outside at the park looking at the ducks, and at the ranch watching the farm animals, however due to her not being able to spend too much time on her feet, she needs to be in a stroller or a small wagon for her to enjoy her time. Astin is asking for a Radio Flyer Folding Wagon with a canopy to allow her to spend more time outside while not working her heart too much by doing too much physical activity.

Astin is 1 year old and lives in Zapata, TX

Astin is an adorable little girl who has been in care since she was born, and has resided with her maternal aunt. Astin enjoys spending time outside in the park, at the lake, at the river, and on the ranch. Astin loves seeing animals at the ranch and the park. She is a smart, loving, and caring little girl. She is very charismatic, and enjoys spending time in the outdoors. Astin can't spend too much time doing activities on her own due to the heart condition she was born with. Astin takes frequent breaks when she plays outside or sits down enjoying the view of the animals.

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