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A Jeep Wagon for Ace to go on walks with

Posted Oct 20, 2020
Ace is currently asking for a wagon stroller he can use to go on walks, and zoo visits with his younger foster sibling. Ace has never experienced going to family events until recently when he was placed in foster home with a family who has other foster children.

Ace is 1 year old and lives in LAREO, TX

Ace is such a happy charismatic little boy. He is such a fast learner, and very energetic. Ace enjoys exploring and being adventurous. He is placed in a foster home with children younger then he is. He loves to show his love and kisses them quite often. He is very lovable. Ace also enjoys playing, eating, and dancing. He enjoys the outdoors, however his foster parents need to be careful with him as he does suffer from a lot of allergies. Ace loves his foster parents and his younger foster siblings.