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A gift card for Auhrianna’s School Supplies

Posted Nov 24, 2020
Auhrianna is only a few months away from graduating with her dental assisting certification! She is so excited to start the new journey on her chosen career path and would greatly benefit from a gift card to purchase her dental assistant uniform which consist of scrubs and non slip white shoes. She will use them during the remainder of her school time, internship at a dental office, and as well as after she graduates when she finds employment at a dental office. She would benefit from a gift card from this store because they offer low prices scrubs and shoes so that she can buy at least two pairs.

Auhrianna is 23 years old and lives in CA

Auhrianna is a self- driven, school oriented, and always eager to learn. She grew up in foster care and is currently in a housing program in which she has shown to that she wants to be something more than what society has labeled for her race and background. Her current field of study is Dental Health and she has been shown empowerment and self- driven in obtaining her CPR and First Aid Certification, Radiology certification, and passed her exams with a score of 100%. She is well- mannered and always smiling despite any hardship she faces she is always resilient. Auhrianna loves to make people smile and is the happiest knowing she put a smile on your face. She is kind- hearted and loves volunteering through her church to helps the homeless and children in need, which just melts your heart to see how kind and helpful she is.

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