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Cooking Supplies for Ziare who looks forward to culinary school

Posted Nov 29, 2020
Ziare wishes for some support in gathering supplies she needs for school that will be starting up in January 2021. She looks forward to starting culinary school because she loves to cook and has quite a knack for creating delicious dishes. She needs some basic cooking and baking supplies so she can practice everything she learns at her own home and take anything she needs into school too. She would be so grateful for this support which would show her someone out there believes in her!

Ziare is 22 years old and lives in Pittsburgh, PA

Ziare was involved with Children and Youth Services throughout her childhood and was eventually placed in foster care and group homes from ages 15-18. She aged out at 18 and was totally on her own. Her time in care ended up being beneficial because she was able to participate in therapy to address her PTSD and depression. She learned how to open up to people about her childhood. She learned how to cope in healthy ways and how to trust people again. She graduated at the top of her class in June 2020 with high honors and started at CCAC but had to drop her classes due to terrible injuries from a bus accident. She needed two knee surgeries and the recovery process is grueling. She was so close to giving up. She had to stop working and put her education on pause. With the help of her boyfriend, she got back on her feet literally and metaphorically and she looks forward to starting culinary school in January 2021. She is so incredibly strong and focused on her future goals. She is proud of how strong she has become over the last year and she feels if she can get through this challenging experience, she can do anything. Ziare loves to cook, draw and create art and she will go far!

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"We hope you enjoy the journey to becoming a culinary master. We support your efforts and are grateful to be able to support your dream."

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"Thank you so much for granting this wish so I could get the things I need this winter. This support means the world to me. "

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