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A Soft Shaggy Rug for Ternysha who wants to make her room more cozy

Posted Dec 15, 2020
Ternysha would like a soft shaggy rug for her room. She would like to make her room more cozy and have a soft warm rug to step on rather than a cold floor. This rug will help her personalize her space and make it more comfortable. This rug would really help make her holiday bright!

Ternysha is 21 years old and lives in Riverdale , GA

Ternysha is a young mother who adores fashion, laughter, her daughter, and talking to friends on the phone. Her life hasn’t been the easiest. She has an older brother who she has not seen in 6 years. Her mother died while giving birth to her brother. She never knew her father’s name. The father of her child makes calls, but has not delivered on his beautifully-painted promises. She has faced egregious circumstances. However, she is trying to change her life-cycle by learning to cook, clean, and obtain a career to provide for her daughter. She hopes to attend a 2 year college and become an LPN. Ternysha is a survivor and a true goal-setter, and she can make an awesome hearty kale soup that everyone enjoys at her group home!

The Wish Story

Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection requests this wish for Ternysha.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Ternysha! Thanks Awesome Human.

"Happy Holidays Ternysha! I hope this rug helps make your room more cozy and helps you feel at home. I wish you the best of everything. Lots of Love, Peri"

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection for Ternysha.

Ternysha receives the gift from Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Teen Parent Connection!

"Peri, Thank you for getting this gift for Ternysha. She was so happy to get this rug and loves it. She loves the way it looks and it is so soft to step on. She wanted to tell you "thank you very much"! She was amazed that someone she didn't know would get her such a nice gift. It really made her feel special to be remembered at the holidays. Thank you for your kindness!"

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